A comparison of the poetry of rumi and mirabai

As a much lesser dancer-poet, I have turned choreographic notes into verse and continually try to record the ecstasies of music-inspired movement. Her soul felt a spontaneous and overwhelming love for Sri Krishna.

Preface These poems speak in many voices. We are still in touch. But, a connection that is heart to heart lasts no matter what.

The Power of Poetry: Putting a Female Spin on Rumi

Members of the family started to spread malicious gossip and create physical hardships; but no matter what they did, they could not undermine the unwavering devotion and love that Mirabai had for Sri Krishna. And what is this light of God, if it is the Magian temple. Rather, it shifts back and forth, oscillates between yearning and apparent arrival, often to lead once more to new beginnings and repeated struggle.

The story ran sans any investigation and boom reputations tarnished forever. I haven't changed much.

Shrutam – I am Listening

Fools sit on thrones as kings, While the wise beg their bread. Mirabai composed hundreds of poems in a simple, unpretentious style.

This poem on the triumph of love over death is especially striking. Whereas many poems implored the sun to slow down, permitting time for lovemaking, these lovers will outpace the sun itself in the ferocity of their passion, and make it run after them.

Let those dreams of what you love motivate you to slowly but steadily work towards that goal. Once I used to be wise like you, not crazy, insane and broken down like I am now.

This volume opened the way for many translators to come. The reasons for the fading relationships might not be happy ones but were essential to that point in your life. Zulaikha's female friends, beside themselves in Joseph's presence, sliced their wrists.

As all mystics and seekers know, the spiritual journey like life itself does not always advance in a fixed, logical progression of say, longing, preparation, and final union.

He was granted an honorary degree from the University of Tehran, all for his 30 years of work on the poems of Rumi. The dirt and garbage are musk and rose.

All come to share the joy. The first, the original text from Rumi; the second a translation of the same poem by A. Hands off this house, this talisman. I highly recommend this course, either in person or online.

Just recently someone I know was wrongly accused by the local papers here. Your paper gives thanks for your limitless sugar, for it came into my embrace, and I dwelt in it.

In structure it is remarkably like a haiku, two lines taken from nature and another two about personal feelings. Together he and the novelist Sir Walter Scott imposed an English stamp on the art, literature and music of a whole era.

His blend of simplicity and challenge makes him the most popular poet in Iran today.

Warriors of Love, by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

The pull of love transcends borders, transcends time and transcends superficial negativity. Her poems also reflect the strange fate she was born into: Even the passage of time cannot dim her love. Idols inside the Kaaba. What qualities does such love have, according to the poet.

Union with the Inner Beloved may involve states of rapture unlike anything we experience in our ordinary life. The first four lines say that her love for him exceeds even the extent of the widest search she can grope toward in search of God.

He lived simply, supporting himself on sales from an acre of apple orchard his whole life. The house and its landlord are all pretext and play. She was amazed that Rumi had reached an audience in the Northwest United States.

And he captures the ferocity of Lorca's wild vision with particular power in poems about New York: Don't sit outside the door in the dark, wondering. The Beloved is here. I am more eloquent than the nightingale, but because of vulgar envy a seal is on my tongue, and lamentation is my desire.

Hafiz vs. Rumi. No description by Ali Shourideh on 22 May Tweet. very different Separated by a hundred years What am I going to Compare? The different styles of poetry. The Sun Never says The Gift We are the mirror as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity.

We are pain and what cures pain, both. We are. Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing (), translated by Coleman Barks, is a collection of poems by the thirteenth-century Sufi poet whose absolute devotion to God resembles that of Mirabai. These poems tell of Rumi's deep desire to lose himself in love for the divine.

Comparing Rumi and Mirabi's Poetry Rumi and Mirabai's poetry, in different ways, has the ability to convey a deep longing for something sacred in their time. Mirabai sometimes refers to herself in the third person that deepens her desperation of being heard by the dark one.

Hafiz: The Scent of Light

Sufi Poets and Sufi Poetry Sufism and the encounters that Sufism facilitates --encounters with God, love, and the deepest aspects of human consciousness-- have evoked feelings in Sufis that have poured out through their ravaged hearts onto their lucid tongues, providing us with some of the most beautiful and profound poetry ever written.

Advanced Students: Have students select one of the following options: (a) research and report on the biography of Mirabai; (b) compare and contrast a poem from the bhakti tradition with that of another devotional or mystical tradition (for example, that of Rumi); (c) write a devotional poem.

The difference between Jalaluddin Rumi’s work and the work of the great Hafiz of Persia is that Hafiz has pictured the outer life, whereas Rumi has pictured the inner life. And if I were to compare the two poets I would call Hafiz the heart of the poet, and Rumi the soul of the poet.

A comparison of the poetry of rumi and mirabai
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