An analysis of the televangelists and the concept of religious telecasts

I assured her that I would collect the sheets and take them to the shelter on behalf of the church. With few exceptions, the major televangelist ministries have been Anglo-Protestant, but local and regional evangelists who use broadcast media are much more representative of the racial and ethnic diversity in evangelicalism and fundamentalism.

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On these shows, there is no need to have believed in religion before, as long as there is a need for it now. When I came here, the ministry had one paltry and disjointed website. It did not seem to matter to her that attending church there was never made a condition of my employment, nor did it matter that there were many people employed there who did not go to church at all, including members of her own extended family.

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Religion, Media, and Culture

Frances honor had to be protected. When Robertson's presidential bid failed, the organization remained in place and became involved in elections and legislative politics at every level, from local to national.

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Finke and Stark argue that the Federal Council of Churches through which the mainline churches had access to the media worked to freeze out the fundamentalists by requiring radio networks that wished to use the council's programming to air only council programming during free time and not to sell airtime to other religious programming.

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Anne Bradstreet Upon The Burning Of Our House Essays

I did not know much about the ministry, but I needed a job and the idea of working for a ministry seemed appealing.

Furthermore, the income-generating fundamentalists had funds to spend on the purchase and development of the latest technologies. Three months later he was suddenly called to account for it.

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Although Falwell replaced the Moral Majority with a new organization Liberty Federationit was Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition that grew rapidly and took the place of the Moral Majority as the flagship organization of the Christian Right.

One would think they would aspire to ascribe to a higher law, but in their minds they are the law. First responders were called vary by delivery address his previous incarnations. By mid-decade, however, it had developed insurmountable negatives in public opinion pollsand Falwell disbanded it.

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Quite honestly, I can say from my own personal experience that I have seen more people fired in my three years at JSM than I have in all my working years, and in all my jobs combined.

Danny further stated to Gabriel that if the ministry were to pursue everyone in this manner, they would literally have to fire everyone under the age of thirty, save two. In "Shuffle Off to Bethlehem," Postman explores how the media-metaphor of television has morphed religion into entertainment.

He begins by detailing three popular televangelists of his day. The first is Reverend Terry, who leads her congregation by inspiring laughter and suggesting that godliness can lead to financial profit.


Religious telecasts asking for money in exchange for faith attract nearly five million people each year. Fifty-five percent of these people are elderly woman; Phyllis Wheatley Phyllis Wheatley Televangelists like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim and Tammy Fay Bakker promise the Christian faith to millions everyday.

For the right price, anybody can have something- a.k.a. Christianity, God, and faith- in their lives. Animism is a religious type that relies heavily on ghosts, spirits, souls of the dead, animal spirits, guardian angels, fairies, and demons.

a. True b. False The concept of jinns is most affiliated with religions that are explained by the concept of animatism. a. True b. False New religious movements are large, formal, and stable. a. True b. False Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Most of us know that the religion professed on these telecasts is not about trusting in God or having a deep belief in his teachings, ideas that aggregate Christianity in society.

Instead, the old, the poor, and the rich are buying something to have as their own when they have nothing else, whether it be in the material, social, or emotional sense. Estimates of the audience for this programming have soared in the past ten years, and as a result more religious programs are being produced than ever before in the history of electronic media.

Frankl traces the history of this new form of evangelism from its roots in urban revivalism.

An analysis of the televangelists and the concept of religious telecasts
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