An overview of the marketing plan for product concept and packaging decisions

However, it is not possible to know everything about the customer, and many different things are assumed about the customer.

In agricultural implements a mechanised cultivator may be a convenience item in a UK garden, but in India and Africa it may be essential equipment. Choosing paper, plastic, aluminum or some other substance is of great importance, because to market the product well means that it must also look great.

To give an example, look at Coca-Cola.

What Are the Key Marketing Decisions?

Translation could be a problem with many words being translated with difficulty. Economics, Personal Money Management, and Entrepreneurship. You buy it because you know and value the worldwide-known brand. Thus, we refer to freedom from defects and the consistency in delivering the targeted quality level level of performance.

These can include the imposition of a global standardised product where it is inapplicable, for example large horsepower tractors may be totally unsuitable for areas where small scale farming exists and where incomes are low; devolving decisions to affiliated countries which may let quality slip; and the attempt to sell products into a country without cognisance of cultural adaptation needs.

In spite of these additions and criticisms, the prevailing approach to the marketing mix remains the one based on the four Ps. They become part of the brand, show that they have this brand, that they can afford this brand and so on.

Customer behavior is very important as it supports product positioning, development of effective marketing strategy and enhancement of long-term customer relationship.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Help Achieve Marketing Targets Through the use of this set of variables, the company can achieve its marketing targets such as sales, profits, and customer retention and satisfaction.

More Detailed Information When devising a marketing strategy, a company has four basic variables, the four Ps, to work with. It protects the product from damage which could be incurred in handling and transportation and also has a promotional aspect. Again this is a low cost strategy, but different product functions have to be identified and a suitable communications mix developed.

In addition, poorly designed packages can harm a lot.

Marketing 11/12

Religion, values, aesthetics, language and material culture all affect production decisions. Create Alternative Plan An alternate or substitute marketing plan is created and kept ready to be executed in the place of the primary marketing plan if the whole or some part of the primary marketing plan is dropped.

Although it does not perform at the same level as the Mercedes Quality Levelit can deliver the quality that customers pay for and expect Quality Consistency. World brands are based on the same strategic principles, same positioning and same marketing mix but there may be changes in message or other image.

A product can be a physical object or group of objects, such as a tennis racquet or a home theater system. In manufactured products this may include decisions on the type of manufacturing process - artisanal, job, batch, flow line or group technology.

As we know, for each product we have different options or we have different companies offering the same product with some slight variation in price, item etc. Therefore, branding adds significant value to a product. Product packaging, labeling, physical characteristics and marketing have to adapt to the cultural requirements when necessary.

In launching new products into international markets, the international product life cycle concept is crucial. Comparative analysis is a very useful technique also for new product introduction.

Product decisions. Introducing the Marketing Plan; Overview of Forecasting; Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan; Packaging; Marketing Channels Marketing Channels in the Supply Chain; Channel Intermediaries; Channel Structures; Channel Strategy Decisions; Marketing Channel Relationships; Integrated Marketing Communications Introduction to Integrated Marketing.

Start studying Chapter 11 Product, branding, and packaging decisions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The concept of packaging logistics focuses on the synergies achieved by integrating the systems marketing and environment.

Jönson () presents an overview of important packaging functions in Table 2.

Importance of Product Packaging in Marketing

Table 2. Overview of different packaging functions (Jönson, ). Product Promotion Marketing Logistics.

The marketing mix is a crucial tool to help understand what the product or service can offer and how to plan for a successful product offering. The marketing mix is most commonly executed through the 4 P’s of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place.

View Test Prep - Marketing Chapter 10 Summary – Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions from BUAD at University of Southern California. 10/23/ Marketing Chapter 10 Summary Product,%(2).

An overview of the marketing plan for product concept and packaging decisions
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Marketing Plan Outline