Business and economics coursework

Students may take up to four credits of Community Service Practicum. Alumni success stories in the field of Business and Economics. Comparative study of economic systems, including planned and market socialism and capitalism and the experience of countries in transition from socialism to capitalism.

Topics include financial markets and institutions, the interpretation of financial statements, methods for estimating the value and risk of financial securities, and theories that explain interest rates.

Economics and International Business

Obtaining the necessary legal protection of intellectual property can also serve as an effective barrier to entry and may be a source of competitive advantage. Theory, policy, and empirical research regarding growth and decline of cities, urban spatial structure and land-use patterns, intrametropolitan employment location, urban transportation, housing, housing market discrimination, local government structure, fiscal problems, and urban redevelopment.

Both technical and managerial aspects of information systems are explored. Quantitative methods are used in the assessment of financial decisions.

The new venture opportunity is profiled from the perspective of the individual entrepreneur who is starting a business and embarking on a new career path involving high risk and reward.

Students will have hands-on experience on analyzing business data for business intelligence and improved business decision making. Economies in Transition Students will investigate why some countries are relatively rich while other countries are poor within the context of the former communist economies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Choosing Your Economics Degree

Microeconomic and macroeconomic analyses are undertaken within a historical context. Students attending ACBSP accredited schools can expect programs of study that will prepare them well for the challenges of a career in business in an environment that enhances student learning.

The final segment of the course is an overview of two significant relationships between government and industry caused by the existence of imperfect. In the process, students develop their understanding of market efficiency, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, behavioral finance, and ethical issues related to investment management.

Ongoing discussion analyzing current trade problems, prescriptions and legislation.

Economics and Business

Management and Organizational Behavior The study of theories and practices in the fields of management and organizational behavior. This course discusses advanced econometric and forecasting techniques.

Business and economics

The first part of this course will involve the functional specification and testing of appropriate estimators in these situations, while the second part of the course will focus on conducting causal inference using nonlinear models in the presence of unobserved heterogeneity.

Intermediate Macroeconomics The study of inflation, unemployment and economic growth within the context of the world economy. Topics include robust inference and bootstrap; instrumental variables and generalized method of moments GMM ; quantile and nonparametric regression methods; treatment effect analysis, and models for discrete choices, panel data, and social interactions.

Click here to view. Classical and modern theories regarding trade patterns and commercial policies. The close relationship between research and teaching is one of the great advantages of studying with us. The transformation began in the s, when Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea embarked on a Japanese-style development model.

Strategic Considerations 2 Credits This course is first of a two-part sequence that focuses on the initial steps necessary to design and build a high-impact business plan for the startup company or new enterprise within an existing firm. Targeting Strategies and Selling Tactics 1 Credit The focal point of any business plan is identifying and understanding the target customer that will be served.

Sophomore standing and permission of the chair. Theory of production and allocation, utility theory, theory of the firm, pricing in perfect and imperfect markets, models of firm's operations. Utilization of price theory and market structure to empirically examine the conduct and performance of American business organizations, including the role of antitrust legislation.

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We can also offer regular study skills and mentoring support. Henkel A study of economic models in which standard economic rationality assumptions are relaxed. Working with big data will provide hands-on, practical experience. International currency systems and policies.

Long-term capital investment will be explored starting with the basics of time value of money and capital investment techniques. A List of Business-Related Courses Courses on the following list provide helpful background for people who are interested in business careers. To earn a degree in the College of Liberal Arts students must earn 18 upper division credits (xxx) outside.

Large enough to lead. Small enough to care. In Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics, our culture is steeped in science, technology, engineering, and math, preparing business-smart, STEM-savvy students to create the future.

List of Free Online Economics Degrees and Courses. See our list of the top free online economics courses. Learn about what courses are available, what topics they cover and whether you can use. Most upper division Economics courses require completion of at least Economics 11 and many also require completion of Economics and/or and/or /L.

Prerequisites will be enforced and no exceptions will be granted. Application for the Business Economics Major. Alternatively, the program also prepares students to teach business, economics or management subject areas in secondary schools when combined with a minor in education and teacher certification.

Graduates of the program are also qualified for graduate and professional study in business. Highest ranking Unis for Business Economics degree in United-Kingdom.

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Business and economics coursework
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