Suicide and the question of rationality

Neither idea is new both stem from libertarian ideas of individual autonomynor is the drug Nembutal, which Brayley used, a new or unique means to achieve death through suicide. However, most would agree that the irrationality of the delusional foundational belief supersedes the rationality of the subsequent beliefs and actions.

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Libertarians value freedom of choice, and the decision to die by suicide is a right. Though this position is often associated with religious thinkers, especially Catholics, Ronald Dworkin points out that atheists may appeal to this claim as well.

Raskolnikov It actually doesn't require reading his writings. To this point, we have addressed arguments that concern whether a moral permission to engage in suicidal behavior exists, and indeed, it is this question that has dominated ethical discussion of suicide.

Canadian Medical Protective Association. Conclusion As the foregoing discussion indicates, suicide has been and continues to be a rich field of philosophical investigation. Though this position is often associated with religious thinkers, especially Catholics, Ronald Dworkin points out that atheists may appeal to this claim as well.

Furthermore, suicidal persons are often hesitant about their own actions, hoping that others will intervene and signaling to others the hope that they will intervene Shneidman Suicides that are clearly other-regarding, aiming at protecting the lives or well-being of others, or at political protest, may fall into this category Kupfer73— For the most part, suicidal individuals do not manifest signs of systemic irrationality, much less the signs of legally definable insanity, Radden and engage in suicidal conduct voluntarily.

Right to die

Other critics suggest that even if there is a duty to die, this duty should not be understood as a duty that entails that others may compel those with such a duty to take their lives MenzelNarveson But we do not eliminate human problems by eliminating human beings.

Life is so complicated in a mathematical sense that, absent some certain event like an asteroid hitting the earth or an incurable disease that will kill you in a period of months it is literally impossible to predict the future with any specificity.

One general form such arguments take is that because a community depends on the economic and social productivity of its members, its members have an obligation to contribute to their society, an obligation clearly violated by suicide Pabst Battin70—78, Cholbi58— Another version states that suicide deprives society of whatever individuals might contribute to society morally by way of charity, beneficence, moral example, etc.

Right to die

Is suicide ever rational or prudent. Inthe Montana Supreme Court ruled that nothing in state law prohibits physician-assisted suicide and provides legal protection for physicians in the case that they write a prescription for lethal medication upon patient request.

Messenger Seven Australians will die today as a result of suicide, the leading cause of death in young Australian men. Materialist philosophers, who hold that we are identical to our bodies, would deny that our bodies are distinct from ourselves, and even under the most dualistic views of human nature, our selves are sufficiently dependent upon our bodies to make ownership of the body by the self an implausible notion.

Int J Law Psychiatry. Policies and guidelines for managing suicidality should consider cases of rational suicide and provide a unique approach to exploring such suicidality with patients. Suicide would be morally forbidden because general adherence to a rule prohibiting suicide would produce better overall consequences than would general adherence to a rule permitting suicide BrandtPabst Battin96— Likewise, a person with delusions may misinterpret or misattribute the importance of stimuli or events, yet maintain a rational response that demonstrates coherence between beliefs and actions.

This worry may reflect an implicit acceptance of a variation of the sanctity of life view see section 3. She was noted to have paranoid and eccentric traits, and after multiple consultations and assessments, she was deemed to not be suffering from an identifiable psychiatric illness.

Likewise, for secular existentialists like Camus, it may present no moral problem. While disagreement continues about the strength of this link Pabst Battin5 little doubt exists that the presence of depression or other mood disorders greatly increases the likelihood of suicidal behavior.

Just as our having a right to a wristwatch permits us to use, improve, and dispose of it as we wish, so too does our having a right to our bodies permit us to dispose of them as we see fit. It is certain that whatever his calculation was, it was not actually relevant to his future happiness.

Suicide: Rationality and Responsibility for Life

Culver CM, Gert B. Two other unrealistic and therefore unethical elements are involved in rational suicide. Still, some of these reactions may be due to the strong stigma and shame associated with suicide, in which case these reactions cannot, without logical circularity, be invoked in arguments that suicide is wrong because it produces these psychological reactions Pabst Battin68— Should the state criminalize suicide or attempt to prevent it.

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But it would also forbid forms of killing that seem intuitively reasonable, such as killing in self-defense. Consequently, since property rights are exclusive i. Lecture 24 - Suicide, Part I: The Rationality of Suicide Overview. This is the first of a series of lectures on suicide.

Two very distinct contexts are presented in which the subject can be further explored. Death by suicide is widely held as an undesirable outcome. Most Western countries place emphasis on patient autonomy, a concept of controversy in relation to suicide.

This paper explores the tensions between patients’ rights and many societies’ overarching desire to prevent suicide, while. I came across a story about a kid who committed suicide after carefully calculating the benefits of life and deciding it was not worth living.

I am wondering if any philosopher has considered the. Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

What are some good books on rationality and choice? Could Suicide be rational? Ask New Question. Still have a question? Ask your own! Ask. Related Questions. Is suicide a. Rationality, morality, and cultural relativism In much the same way, emotional attachment to our own individual moral values seems to predict how we react to the question of whether suicide.

In other words, even if there is a right to suicide rooted in the value of rational autonomy, it seems to imply a right to suicide only when one makes that determination on minimally rational grounds, and there are numerous factors that may compromise a person’s rational autonomy and hence make the decision to engage in suicidal behavior not a reflection .

Suicide and the question of rationality
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