The plot summary and theme of all quiet on the western front

Kropp is wounded towards the end of the novel and undergoes a leg amputation. This perspective is crucial to understanding the true effects of World War I. Katczinsky leaves for a short while, returning with straw to put over the bare wires of the beds.

He also seemed like a somewhat aloof and scholarly person. In an informal eulogy, Bentley provides two contrasting, contradictory views of the man and legend: She is also about as book smart as Brain and quite showy of itand is apparently also nationally ranked in chess.

Arthur then attempts to mend things by training himself to enjoy Top Supermarket Clerk, which he still does not care for. The desert is an ocean in which no oar is dipped. The appalling slaughter that is the soldier's everyday companion results in the "annihilation of all human feeling" p.

It dehumanizes the soldiers who fight endlessly for nothing, since in many of the fiercest battles, hardly any territory is won or lost-and yet casualties are huge.

They are enjoying uncharacteristically plentiful food and an abundance of cigars and cigarettes. The soldiers of Second Company, when they discuss the causes of the war, show how shallow the arguments about patriotism are.

On the train back home, Albert takes a turn for the worse and cannot complete the journey, instead being sent off the train to recuperate in a Catholic hospital.

Once again, the men avoid expressing strong emotional responses. She can take up the position of the angry bitch, the drama queen who holds court the deliberate camp that Susan Sontag finds in this film.

He is a power-hungry corporal with special contempt for Paul and his friends, taking sadistic pleasure in punishing the minor infractions of his trainees during their basic training in preparation for their deployment. At dinner, the two married couples see Eve and Addison in a similarly negative light, with Margo wondering aloud what schemes Eve was constructing in her "feverish little brain.

The monotony between battles, the constant threat of artillery fire and bombardments, the struggle to find food, the lack of training of young recruits meaning lower chances of survivaland the overarching role of random chance in the lives and deaths of the soldiers are described in detail.

Marina could count as well. This restores his courage. It served to re-emphasize the negative consequences of eating meat. White reveals the original diet of humanity to consist of grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped its shells, were destroyed by the war.

In addition, the massive loss of life and negligible gains from the fighting are constantly emphasized. Captain Joseph Bates renounced smoking, drinking, caffeine consumption, and even eating meat.

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He slowly learns Bedouin ways and how to swiftly ride on his camel. Plot Overview. All Quiet on the Western Front is narrated by Paul Bäumer, a young man of nineteen who fights in the German army on the French front in World War I.

Paul and several of his friends from school joined the army voluntarily after listening to the stirring patriotic speeches of their teacher, Kantorek. But after experiencing ten weeks of brutal training at the hands of the petty.

All Quiet on the Western Front: Summary

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Mar 20,  · Set in a dilapidated Veterans Administration hospital, Article 99 may be the first medical melodrama that isn’t about dedicated physicians performing life-saving acts of valor. It’s about.

The plot summary and theme of all quiet on the western front
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