The theme of truth in the novel fountain and tomb by naguib mahfouz

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How else can I be of use to you?. In conclusion, in Naguib Mafouz’s Fountain and Tomb, we are faced with a central theme of Truth.


It can be reasoned that most of the time the Truth (or knowledge) isn’t always something that it is necessary to know. The Truth can bring about happiness, prosperity, or a positive affect, but that seems to happen much less frequently.

CAIRO MODERN by Naguib Mahfouz

Encyclopedia of World Writers, Beginnings through the 13th Century offers a comprehensive yet accessible overview of early world literature, covering the period from the first vestiges of human literary activity to the year SOUNDTRACK: VOIVOD-War and Pain ().

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All the members had nicknames like Piggy, Blacky, Snake, and, confusingly, Away. - Mahfouz's Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth In the history of literature, perhaps the most explored genre is the historical novel. From the Epic of Gilgamesh to the present day, authors have taken historical facts and interpreted them novelistically.

The Middle Eastern Modernities Project is devoted to recovering overlooked, suppressed, and forgotten histories from the Middle East’s long twentieth century. Through screenings, talks, and articles, radical, modernist, and avant-garde movements and moments are exhumed, reinterpreted, and reanimated.

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The theme of truth in the novel fountain and tomb by naguib mahfouz
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